Trichology is a science, if you want a medical branch, dealing directly with the issue of hair and especially the scalp. Trichology is dealing not onlywith the  diseases such a dermatitis but also hair loss, dandruff, excesive oiling – shortly the overall condition of the scalp. Therefore i tis a relativem specialized field which was established in 1902, but it has become known bettr in recent years. Trichology is now on the rise as we begin to realize the effects of the environment and overall health on our hair and scalp.

Most of trichologists don´t come from the rank of doctors but from the rank sof hairdressers, which makes sence  - after all correct haircare is more of hairdressing branch than medici branch. In my practice, however, I often come Access the fact that clients who start to suffer from a hair problem, whether i tis hairloss, dandruff etc., seek help from a dermatologist.  And there ´s very often the problem because the dermatologists don´t have such deep knowledge about the problems, diagnosis and causes of problems with the scalp. I really don´t want to offend dermatologists but I´ve heard many times that dermatologist sends a patient to the pharmacy for a dandruff shampooo without even trying to find out the cause. Mostly it lies in incorrect care and the use of inappropriate products.

The scalp is one of the thinnest on the whole body, similar to the eyelid. It is static, has no muscles, does not move, so a lot of toxins accumulate in it, and in order to be healthy, it requires correct care, because only from  healthy scalp can grow healthy hair.

And that's why we hairdressers with knowledge in the field of trichology are here to find the cause of what bothers you together and recommend further action.

 Above all, it is necessary to heal the scalp, and not just to "mask the problem" for a while with a "miracle" product, because it is not as simple as buying, for example, anti-dandruff shampoo.