I´ve been meeting clients on a daily base who are unsatisfied with their hair and scalp, therefore I find out that there are many ways and instructions for beautiful hair but unfortunately –  not many of them works. I´ve decided to pass on you my experience.

First of all I come across the question whether to blow your hair or not.

When you blow your hair at home – it´s not basically about hair but ´bout scalp because due to it´s moisture can create unwanted „mold“. So be sure to blow your hair from the scalp, the lenght will  dry itself and  you can shape.

Proper cleansing of the scalp and the use of conditioner are an integral part of beautiful hair. Always rinse your hair in a bend and let the water drain a little so that the deposits from the tubes do not irritate your skin.

Place a small amount of shampoo on several areas on your head and foam. If the shampoo doesn´t foam, don´t panic and be sure to not add any shampoo.  Just add a little water and foam the shampoo again. If you don´t wash your hair every day don´t expect a beautiful thick lather, wash the hair and scalp and repeat the process. It´s about washing the scalp – hair is washed by the shampoo on your scalp, so don´t rub your hair.

It´s time for a conditioner. No matter how long your hair is, conditioner is very important. It´s used for  the full lenght of your hair but not for the scalp. Apply a small amount  to the lenght of your hair. Application is followed by combing - not before washing or after complete rinsing, but right now.

The conditioner slides, so the comb will not damage your cuticle and your hair will be combed very easily. You also comb your hair, because a few of them would still fall out in a few hours. Take a while and then rinse. Rinse for a long time. Even if you feel that everything is rinsed, rinse for a while.

Squeeze your hair gently and wrap it to the towel so that it soaks up the water  as much as possible but don´t prolong the process, the scalp must be dried  as soon as possible. And in order to achieve a perfectly holding hairstyle, it is necessary to use styling - foam to the roots or even to the lengths, or any protection fluid against blowing,  but I definitely recommend the firming product. It often happens to me that the client does not want to use conditioner, because she has very fine flying hair, but if you use a suitable firming product, you will have beautiful shiny and shape-holding hair that does not break. So apply the product, dry your hair from the roots with hair dryer with noozle and shape it with a brush. I wish you a great feeling out of your hair. J