NC Metropole Zličín


A few years ago the Barbershop in Zličín became the first barbershop where all the barbers were women - based on client preference. We opened a location for men at the mall, where you can have your hair trimmed, your face relaxed or gently cleaned while enjoying an unconventional whiskey in the pleasant atmosphere of a Feng-shuei designed barbershop. Let your women shop and spend some time relaxing while you sip away at your free drink and at the end of it, enjoy your new, great look.

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Price list

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Men's cut
washing, cutting, drying
740 CZK 840 CZK
Shaving "Hot towel"
beard treatment
640 CZK 690 CZK
Complete cut and shaving
"hot towel", beard treatment
1 240 CZK 1 340 CZK
Boy’s cut
up to 10 years old (clasic cut)
690 CZK
Hair maintenance
every 3 weeks
649 CZK
Complete maintenance (hair and beard)
every 3 weeks
1 149 CZK

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