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Men’s barbershop
and hairdresser

This is a place for real men. Want something more? How about a professional approach, smoothly shaven face, perfect spraying, and great whiskey. Forget about everything around you and enjoy our barbershop without the worries of everyday life.

About us



I love my job, and after so many years it still fulfils and teaches me a lot. I enjoy challenging myself, so I came up with the idea of a tradition for men. Thanks to the English barbershop - The Legends, I was able to fulfill another dream and return to the times when men were gentlemen not only in their behavior but also in appearance. This included the grooming of hair and beard. Today's fashion allows us to return to these traditions, so I would like our clients not to take shaving just as an experience, but as a regular service that a man should repeat weekly.

What is waiting for you in our barbershop?

Hot Towel

#1Hot Towel

This service is for men with sensitive skin or a rough beards. Men love this part. No more red or irritated skin! Tired face of working man deserves the best care.



We see it as a tradition.A Macho ritual that is being repeated at your own discretion. It includes a pre shave care, hot towel with pleasantly warm towel, foaming face, razor shaving and aftershave care. As a pleasant addition there is a comfortable armchair, whiskey, beer or other beverage.



We are happy to advise consultation and advice are commonplace. Our trained team will help you to choose the perfect cut based on your preference that also fits your overall look, traditional or trendy. Together with whiskey, beer or rum, the visit of Barber's wife becomes addictive.

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NC Metropole Zličín
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Rudná u Prahy
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Hair Fashion Point

Hair Fashion Point

Our Hair Saloon exclusively for women

Hair Fashion Point is an exclusive and dynamic hairdressing salon at NC Metropole, Prague 5. Our vision of professionalism, refined French elegance and keeping up with the leading world trends is combined at all levels of our hairdressing art. From the professionally trained team working with top quality cosmetics to fulfilling our clients’ every desire. We focus on innovation, elegance and passion for the craft. This focus brings us success to both Czech and word market. We have been awarded the title "Salon Kérastase Privilege". We are “chic”.