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Catch the sun
you missed because of covid
Solárium Megasun 5800 Tvář opálené ženy
Megasun 5800 Solarium
Ultra power Technology
5800 Model line
24 x 160W UV Technology
Comfort cooling Features
Slunce background

How much sun would you like?

We know, the sun can do it better, but we still offer you quality and gentle sunbathing with the most modern devices.
Detail solária Opalující se žena
Solárium 5800
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Megasun 5800
Ultra Power

The light reflects the curves of the flowing contours. Metallic Silver with Orange or Green megaLight. Metallic arctic blue with blackberry  or megaLight blue - always a perfect body, always a new solarium. 


Megasun 5800 shows the way forward. First-class tanning, economy class - with the fascinating details that perfectly connect innovative intelligence with aesthetics. 

Solarium Jinočany

Barber`s Wife

Hornická 288, 252 25 Jinočany
Praha-západ, Česká republika

Jinočany, Hornická 288 - Praha-západ

(3 stations from metro Zličín - bus nr. 310
or from metro station Luka - bus nr. 352)

Opening hours

by order Mon- Sat 9:00 - 20:00

Phone number:

+420 737 111 376
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